Sponsor Form

Please review the criteria below for sponsorship consideration then complete the form below

1. A professional rendering of the vehicle is to be submitted with this sponsorship form for approval.

2. If your proposal is accepted, you will either be approved for a FULL sponsorship (no charge for a Kaotic Concept’s lift kit, you will still be responsible for shipping charges) or for PARTIAL sponsorship (shipping charges and wholesale pricing apply here).

3. If your sponsorship is approved, KAOTIC CONCEPTS is to be listed on all social media posts, in every magazine feature, trade shows, and car/truck shows attended.

4. All social media posts on Facebook or Instagram featuring your vehicle will require the following: #KaoticConcepts @kaotic-concepts 

5. We require every show the vehicle is attending to be listed within this proposal and a photograph to verify proof of attendance needs to be emailed to Info@kaotic-concepts.com

6. High-quality resolution pictures of the vehicle showing the KAOTIC product are required within 30 days.

7. While on show display, the KAOTIC logo must be present outside the vehicle, on vinyl decals placed on the vehicle’s exterior. The KAOTIC logo is a registered trademark of Kaotic Concepts LLC and its use on sponsored vehicles does not grant the vehicle owner rights to use the logo for any purpose other than those specified herein.

8. Credit Card information is required to be kept on file. In the event the terms of this agreement are not met in full, the credit card will be charged for the full retail price of the lift kit. 

Failure to adhere to any of these requirements will result in revocation of your sponsored vehicle status and you will be charged the full retail price for the lift. 

Please note: when submitting your information, make sure all requested information is complete for each vehicle. Incompleted or proposals lacking the required information above and below will NOT be considered for sponsorships.